Retrofit Heating and Cooling Service

heatpumpsIf you live in an older home, or one that has experienced remodeling and additions, inefficient or outdated heating and cooling systems could be costing your money. Instead of spending more than you need to month to month on your energy bills, call Rex Heating & Air Conditioning to find out if our retrofit service could help increase your heating and cooling efficiency, save money, and be better for the environment.

Do You Need a Retrofit?

Have you noticed that one or two rooms in your home are hotter or cooler than the others? Do you have several different, systems that were installed at different times, each by a different HVAC contractor in your home? Are all of your metering devices the correct size? Most homeowners don’t think about the answers to these questions very often, assuming that as long as their heating and cooling systems are working there is no need to call a technician.

More Efficiency, Less Cost

At Rex Heating & Air Conditioning, we see many homeowners that are dealing with significant variance in their systems and are unaware that a retrofit service could provided added efficiency and savings every month on energy bills. In addition, properly working HVAC systems in your home can provide you with clean air for a healthier environment.

No matter what system inefficiencies you’re dealing with, our technicians can quickly provide you with an analysis of your current system and identify the best retrofit services to streamline your heating and cooling systems, improve your home’s overall efficiency, and save you money.

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