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Commercial Heating and Air Conditioning

Construction backgroundWhether you are a general contractor working on commercial building projects, a facilities supervisor, or a small business owner, you probably don’t think much about your heating and cooling systems unless they are not working. At Rex Heating & Air Conditioning, we provide top-notch commercial service so our clients can keep business operations running smoothly, and stop worrying about whether their HVAC system is working.

New Commercial Systems

We sell an extensive line of major brands for all your commercial heating and cooling needs. If you are not sure exactly what system you need, our experts can help you determine the right brand, the right unit, and the right size to fit your commercial buildings.

Heating & Air Conditioning Maintenance

One of the best ways to avoid costly repairs and downtime at your business or other commercial facility is to identify and repair potential problems before they become big issues. Our commercial service includes preventive maintenance schedules to keep your equipment in top working order with regularly scheduled check-ups. In addition, our trained technicians can identify signs that could indicate a problem in the future to help you get it repaired before it becomes costly with our predictive maintenance plans.

Heating & Air Conditioning Repairs & Servicing

If something does go wrong with your commercial HVAC system, you can trust Rex Heating & Air Conditioning to repair it. We have technicians available to assist you with your repairs, both emergency and routine. We can also help you with pre-season servicing and analysis on rooftop and split system units, as well as cooling units for computer rooms and central air systems.

Your heating and cooling system is a complex mechanical system that requires regular maintenance and check-ups to keep it in good condition, and the professionals at Rex Heating & Air Conditioning can help.

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