Portland Heating and Air Conditioning Services

At Rex Heating and Air Conditioning, we do more than just sell heating and air conditioning units. If you are in need of any of the following services, give us a call and let’s work something out.

Heating and Air Conditioning Services from Rex Heating & Air Conditioning

Commercial Service

rex-pict1-150x150Some commercial services that we provide are, Preventative maintenance, Predictive maintenance, Repairs, Major brand sales, Pre-season servicing and analysis on roof top and split system units, and variable speed drives, Pre-season servicing and analysis on cooling units for computer rooms and central air systems. Read More….

Residential Service

You should feel comfortable in your home, whether that means turning up the air conditioning or cranking up the heat. When your system is in need of service or repair, contact Rex Heating and Air Conditioning. There are major benefits of choosing Rex. Read More….

New Construction Service

Whether you are building a new home or a commercial structure, let us pick up your blueprints so that we can have a look. We have project managers that will work with you full time to provide you with a price quote and recommendation. Read More….

Retrofit Heating and Air Conditioning Service

Many homeowners do not understand the variance in their electrical systems. They might assume that every room is providing them with an energy efficient and healthy environment. The truth is that building codes only set a minimum standard for installation, but there are variances in the quality of the work, the technique of installation, the design and the performance of the system. Read More….

HVAC Contractor

air_conditioning_contractorAn HVAC system is typically designed for medium to large industrial buildings. Some people refer to HVAC systems as climate control and will install them in areas where humidity and temperature need to be regulated to maintain a healthy environment. They are also used in homes and are the most convenient and quiet way to keep your home cool. Read More….

Heating Contractor

Rex is your pro heating contractor in Portland OR, we have been heating and cooling Portland homes for over thirty years. Certified with the Oregon Department of Energy and with the Energy Trust of Oregon, we are committed to delivering energy efficient options. Read More….

Air Conditioning Contractor

Employing licensed, qualified, and top rated professionals, Rex Heating and Air Conditioning experts are not only competent in what they do, but have personal integrity that makes our services sought after. We understand the need for highly qualified professionals and would only allow someone into your home that we would allow into our own. When you give us a call, you can be sure that we will get to you as quickly as possible. Read More….

Heat Pumps

If you run a heat pump system in your Portland home or office, chances are you will need it to be maintained or repaired at some point. If and when your heat pump Portland OR system needs service, call the best in the business here at Rex Heating and Air Conditioning. Read More….


furnaces2When it comes to cold weather, people rely on a working furnace to be able to provide the heat that they need in order to be comfortable. When a furnace breaks down in Portland OR, it can be extremely inconvenient and provide for a very uncomfortable experience. Read More….

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